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Enviro/Green Products

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New Zealand businesses and companies are now following our government’s guidelines for the need to preserve and care for our environment.  Overseas for example many Fortune 500 companies have now decided upon a greener approach to their business.  The trends now lie with these companies using a more eco approach to their promotional products they distribute to their customers.  The result is the need for enviro-friendly promotional products. 

Many of these products are made from recycled materials, which cost far less to produce but more importantly have less impact on raw materials used from our planet.  Less energy is used to make these materials and they emit fewer pollutants into the atmosphere in their production.  Products in this category include vinyl portfolios, coasters, tote bags, notebooks, clothing, mugs, and pens which can be fabricated from recycled materials or produced from resins that are not derived from fossil fuels.

Promotional Shop offers a wide range of eco-friendly, sustainable recycled products that companies, businesses and organisations can proudly put their logos on. The products carry a secondary message, namely that the company cares about our earth and the future. This concept goes a long way in building a favorable attitude towards your brand and what you stand for.


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