Welcome to our unique selection of Personal Promotional Items.  Within this category you will find a vast selection of affordable marketing solutions which have been designed to be worn or used on a personal level.  Some of these options include, jandles, rain ponchos, grooming kits, lip balm, sunglasses and much much more.  All of our personal products are supplied to you with the decoration of your logo or design.  Also if you are looking for plain unprinted items just let us know and we are more than happy to provide you with a quote.  Our unique buying power offers your great discounts and large volume speciality pricing.  If you also have 8-10 weeks lead in time we can print and manufacture these items offshore, giving you additional savings!

The best reason to buy personalised merchandise on a personal level is generally speaking, most people use these products on a regular basis.  They also tend to show friends, colleagues and associates as well, making your brand go further by reputation.  They can also be given as gifts or free giveaways to up sell your clients.  For more information, pricing or advice, deal with the best, Promotional Shop New Zealand.