Promotional Shop Offer’s You The Best Promotional Products Prices New Zealand Wide.  All Our Pricing INCLUDES Decoration Of Your Logo!!

Why would you need a product made especially for you? Does one of your high-performing salespeople need a reward? Is there a client out there that you’ve had for years to whom you’d simply like to say THANK YOU? Or how about those trade shows you’ve been attending? What do you have to give out? Or do you have only an empty table in front of you while crowds of potential customers flow by?

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Welcome to Promotional Shop, we can promise you the best prices in New Zealand for Promotional Products of all kinds, customised as you wish: Promotional Items, conference supplies, corporate gifts, compendiums, gift bags, drinkware, clothing — if we don’t stock the item you want, contact us immediately and we’ll find it! Plus, you get a personal account manager assigned to you, to handle your request, to make sure the processing of your order is done as quickly and as accurately as possible, and to act as your resource if you have any problems of any kind with your order. And, stepping beyond offering completely personalised customer service, each and every account manager has an in-depth knowledge of each and every product Promotional Shop offers.

Our low prices reflect the leverage our company has with manufacturers and suppliers. Because our company is nation-wide, Promotional Shop can buy the highest-quality Promotional Merchandise available — and, furthermore, we provide the custom-made options you want at a price you will not believe. We’ll even go offshore to get those items unavailable here, and to provide those options that can’t be done locally.

Within your own company, there’s always a need to let your employees know how important they are to the company — why not give them a gift? And, if that gift has the company logo, so much the better! Think of Promotional Shop as the employee retention programme you’ve always wanted for your company.

And what about your clients? Imagine handing out promotional pens with your company name to potential clients, or promotional bags with your company’s logo and filled with your brochures. Or you could be wearing some promotional clothing that makes your potential customer start asking you questions about your product. And don’t forget about those clients you already have — quality merchandise with your company name will always be welcome as a gift that simply says “Thanks for working with us!” — and, each time the item’s used, your company message is displayed over and over.

Integrate the customised products you get from Promotional Shop into your city-wide marketing campaign — or are you nation-wide? We can handle it! Wine, clothing, gift bags — you name what you want produced, and we will deliver.